La firma

The origins of “Aynes & Abril Advocats Associats” stretch back to 1994, when our law firm came into being as a result of the merging of “Abril & Baehr, Advocats Associats” and “Aynes, Chase & Kent International Consultants”. 

The Merger's emphasis

The merger of these two successful law firms was predicated on a strong belief that the clients will seek legal advice and receive a significant benefit from being advised by a firm that combines a long record of experience in the local Spanish market in legal advice and accounting, with a success in operations in the international markets. 

Our Philosophy

We are committed to gaining the confidence of our clients through achieving their goals by offering commercially-focused legal advice that will exceed their expectations in each single case and issue. Due to our multi-focused team working practice, we always expect to anticipate client´s needs.
Our priority is to offer first class legal advise based on knowledge and practical experience, tailored to the needs and preferences of each client.

Work methology

We share and adopt in practice the philosophy of collaboration and teamwork. We believe in the power of teams, rather than individuals: to secure successful results, we form groups of people with the variety of knowledge focused on sector, commerce, strategy and law.  At the same time, our client will always have an individual advisor assigned from any practice area he might need, who will resolve any doubts and will comply with his representation before any administration offices and governmental institutions. 

We assign the case to one of our team´s member´s, depending on the subject area, who will take the lead and keep the client informed about his case. The assigned professional will coordinate the team working over the strategic and target issues of the case with specialists from other practice areas , to eventually offer the most effective solution from a commercial and legal scope. All the cases undergo checks and are supervised by one of the Firm´s Responsible Partners.

Our team


Llicenciat en Dret per la Universitat de Barcelona l’any 1989. 

Col•legiat número 18.655 de l’Il•lustre Col•legi d’Advocats de Barcelona des de l’any 1991. 

Més de 20 anys d’experiència en Dret Mercantil i Societari i Dret Internacional. 

Àrees de pràctica: Dret Societari, àrea immobiliària, construcció, finançament i inversions estrangeres. 

Idiomes: Català, Castellà i Anglès. 


Llicenciat en Dret per la Universitat de Barcelona l’any 1989. 

Col•legiat número 18.238 de l’Il•lustre Col•legi d’Advocats de Barcelona des de l’any 1991. 

Àmplia experiència en assessorament laboral, procediments judicials, negociacions col•lectives i en matèria de la Seguretat Social. 

Àrees de pràctica: Dret Laboral, Seguretat Social, Dret Penal i Dret de Danys.

Idiomes: Català i Castellà. 


Graduada en Dret per la Universitat Nacional d’Dnieper a Ucraïna el 2008. Àmplia experiència en assessorament jurídic a empreses internacionals a Kíev, Ucraïna.

Màster universitari en la Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona.

Va realitzar un curs de traducció simultània a “TRIS Traducció i Interpretació School” a Kíev, Ucraïna.

Àrees de pràctica: Dret d’Immigració, Dret Internacional, Dret Corporatiu, Dret Civil.

Idiomes: Espanyol, Anglès, Rus i Ucraïnès.

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