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Specifics of international private law.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I obtain an investor residence permit if I am in Spain?

    You can obtain your investor authorization in two ways:

    1. If you are outside of Spain, you can apply for an investor visa at the consulate of your country of residence, which will allow you to reside in Spain for up to one year. During this period, you may request the investor residence authorization.

    2. If you are already in Spain on a regular basis (on a short-term stay or as the holder of a residence permit for studies or residence), you can directly request a residence permit from the Large Companies Unit, without having to previously process the investor visa.

  • If a residence permit is requested for family members, is it necessary to invest the amounts required by Law 14/2013 (€ 500,000 in real estate, 1 million in shares, participations or deposits) for each family member?

    No additional investment is required for each family member.

    This authorization depends on that of the investor and in order to obtain it, it must prove that it meets the general requirements, among them, that the investor has economic resources for her family, as well as the corresponding medical insurance.

    So for example, if a couple acquires a € 1,000,000 property, both spouses can obtain an investor visa. If the property has a value of € 500,000, the buyer can obtain an investor visa and her spouse as a family member as a family member.

  • Can the investment be made through a legal entity?

    Yes, as long as it is domiciled in a territory that does not have the status of a tax haven in accordance with Spanish regulations, if the applicant must have the majority of its voting rights and have the power to appoint and remove the majority of the members of its governing body.
  • What specific documentation do I have to present to obtain a residence permit in Spain?

    The general and specific requirements established for each type of authorization must be accredited. You can consult the list of documentation to be presented at this link, according to the type of authorization:

    Follow the link

  • Can holders of an investment visa enter any state of the European Union and can they do so more than once?

    Holders of a long term visa or a residence permit issued by one of the Member States may, under the cover of such permit and a valid travel document, move freely for up to three months, in any six month period, within the territory of the other Member States.
  • Who is the applicant for each authorization and who can apply?

    The applicant, depending on the type of authorization, can be

    Initial authorizations:

      • In the case of investors and entrepreneurs, the foreigner himself
      • In authorizations for highly qualified professionals, researchers or intra-company transfer, the company or entity requiring the services from abroad

    In family authorizations:

      • If the application is presented jointly with the owner, it will be the owner (in the case of investors and entrepreneurs) or the company or entity (in the case of highly classified professionals, researchers or intra-company transfer);
      • If the application is submitted at another time, it may be one of the above or the family member himself;
      • The renewals are presented by the foreigner himself/herself (the family members request the renewal of their own authorization)

    Applications can be submitted by the applicant himself or through a representative.

  • How is the Foreigners' Identity Card (TIE) processed?

    Foreigners who have been issued a residence visa under this rule can stay in Spain for a period of one year, authorizing the residence of the holder in Spain without the need process the foreigner’s identity card.

    However, those who obtain a residence permit under Law 14/2013 must apply in person for the foreigner’s identity card. The resolution granting the authorization indicates the procedure, documentation and where it can be requested.

  • Do I have to submit copies and originals?

    No. When you apply in person, you must bring both an original and a copy. If you are filing in a public registry, you must bring both an original and a copy and submit only a certified copy
  • Where can I find application forms?

    You can find the application forms for residence permits at this link:

    Follow the link

  • Can family members work with their residence permit?

    Yes, the fourth additional provision of Law 14/2013 establishes that the residence authorities authorize residence and work (both employed and self-employed).
  • What is meant by public or private insurance?

    During their residence in Spain, foreigners must be covered by either public health or private insurance.

    There is no requirement to prove insurance coverage when there is the prospect that the foreigner (and his or her family members) will be insured by the National Health System as a result of registering with the Social Security as a result of the employment contract or professional relationship.

    In the case of entrepreneurs, if the activity is not going to be started immediately, insurance with limited validity is accepted (for example, travel insurance, which is usually valid for three months).
    In all other cases, you must have a public private health insurance policy with an insurance company authorized to operate in Spain, for coverage equivalent to that of the National Health System and for the duration of your authorization or at least one year, which can be extended (travel insurance is not valid).

  • How can I prove that I have the financial means?

    The law does not establish an economic amount or specific documentation. Therefore, you can prove that you have the economic means by any means of evidence admitted in law. For example, with the offer of an employment contract, payroll, the updated average annual balance of bank accounts, deposits, etc.
  • Is it necessary to present the foreign documents translated and legalized?

    All documents must be translated into Spanish. In the case of foreign public documents, they must also bear the apostille of the Hague Convention.
  • What requirements must be met to renew the authorization?

    The initial authorization and renewals will be granted for two years or for the duration of the employment or professional relationship if it is not an indefinite contract and its duration is less. In the case of investors, the renewal will be for periods of five years.

    In order to renew the authorization, the conditions that gave rise to the authorization must have been maintained. That is to say:

    • In the case of investors it is necessary to have maintained the initial investment.
    • In the case of entrepreneurs, the project must have been maintained in the terms in which it was considered to be a project of general interest.
    • In the case of highly qualified professionals, researchers and intra-company transfers, the employment or professional relationship must be maintained.
    • In the case of family members, they may renew their authorization if the foreigner who entitles them renews his or her authorization and, in the case of ascendants and children over 18 years of age, the economic dependence is maintained.